Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The First Snowfall

Hugo and Grandma went out last night to play in the snow. There was 3 inches and it was very wet and slippery. Hugo loved it and chased himself and snowballs until he was exhausted.

This morning he saw the big black snow shovel Grandpa used to clean the entryway and growled and barked at it until Grandma showed him it was a friend. Hugo is very protective of his home and family!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hugo says... it's fun to play with my toys at Grandma's house!

Dontcha love my green flashing chew toy? My humans buy me the coolest stuff. When I pick up this black and green barbell and drop it on the floor, it starts flashing and makes me get all excited. You can see it in my eyes - I'm having fun playing at Grandma's house today!

My Mommy is working tomorrow and the next day and she thought Grandma and I could keep each other company. I like staying with Grandma - she lets me sleep on the bed - and under the covers too when I get cold in the middle of the night. Hehhehhehh... I sure trained her well, didn't I?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hugo says... he misses his Grandma!

Hugo doesn't have many 'pinions these days because he hasn't seen Grandma in 3 weeks!

His Mommy is so mean because she won't allow him to go visit Grandma. Poor Grandma must be so lonely... please mommy, please may I visit Grandma?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hugo Says... STOP! Don't Buy Anything Online...

... until you check for a Coupon. There are so many discount offers available for online shopping you'd be a 'doggone' fool not to take advantage.

Hugo says in his 'pinion NCNatural is the natural place to look for PetMeds Coupons or PETsMART Coupons
before buying anything poopie dog related! You will save money if you check out this easy to use site to locate coupons.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hugo says... Car Guy Garage Guys are FUN

Hugo says his Grandma is at the PostieCon Convention in Las Vegas and listening to a panel of advertisers discussing what they want and expect from Posties when they post an opportunity.

Grandma told me it's an eye opener and great to hear what major advertisers want and look for. The Car Guy Garage guys are on the panel and have the most awesome T-shirts as give aways. The shirts are compressed and enclosed in a 'car' shaped package - CUTE!

Drew and Grandma both caught one - well, actually Drew caught hers too when she fumbled it!

Those Garage Guys are cool for bringing along such unique gifts for the posties!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hugo's Mixer Mystery

Hugo says, "Grandma and I are going to make doggie cookies!" We make them every year - Grandma says it's a tradition! Well, it's only a 1 year old tradition since I am ONLY one year old, but a tradition has to start somewhere.

So, Grandma went to her cupboard this morning to get out the old 1970's hand mixer and the cupboard was bare! She found the pancake griddle, the blender, the corkscrew and the potato masher... but no mixer. Who stole the mixer? Where'd it go? How can we make doggie bone shaped cookies? It's a mystery! Please help me solve the mystery so I can have cookies...

Okay, the last time she saw the mixer was... ummmmm.... in February 2006 when she made a birthday cake for her friend. Then it disappeared. It is nowhere in the house - and I know because I have a good nose to sniff out anything associated with food. Grandma has searched every cupboard and corner of the kitchen.

Wait now, did we take it somewhere? Where could we have taken it? Can you guess? Maybe she had to take it with her when she went somewhere and it was left behind. Come on now, guess where it could be - Hugo will send you a fabulous prize if you figure it out!!! In Hugo's 'pinion Grandma needs a Hamilton Beach® Mixer which is big enough so it won't go missing! She has lots of empty space on her counter and it would look nice sitting there ready to make cookies and cakes and bread. Oh, Hugo says he's hungry!

Grandma puts a picture of a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer on her fridge every year just before Christmas hoping Grandpa will buy her one, but it never shows up under the tree. Maybe this year...

So, here's Grandma and I wondering where the old mixer might be. Please help me by watching the video to see if you can pick up any clues as to where it is - and let us know. I'm hungry for cookies and a new Eclectrics® Mixer would be the cat's meow!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hugo says... To My Royal Subjects...

YOU may now address me as King Hugo!

Once again, I'm wearing my cousin Kaia's belongings.... She did not want to wear her
tiara, so I chose it as my royal insignia. I am now King Hugo of the Schmidt House.

No mean comments allowed or you will all be thrown in the dungeon. See, this is my serious look and I mean it.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hugo says... Happy Halloween!

Halloween Hangman created by The Dimension's Edge, Inc.

Oh, that poor skeleton does not like being hung over and over and over... give it a try, perhaps you can save him!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hugo says... Arrrrggghhh, it be the Pirates!

Hugo says his crazy family dressed up like pirates last night and partied. His Mom and Dad bought him a cool pirate bandana so he could be just like the grown-ups and play his part - as a dastardly dograte! Here's his Mom, Dad and friends Morgan, Trevor and Dave.

And, his beauteous Mommy and Morgan - arrrrrr... they're hot wenches!

Hugo stayed home to cat sit while the pirates raided the local establishment to drink the grog and carouse.

This is Grandpa Pirate with Mommy wench. Can you see Grandpa's red nose - he looks like he had a few too many portions of rum!

Grandma, is that you under that black hair? Oh, MY - Trevor has chest hair and sideburns and a goatee!!! His parrot looks like he imbibed one too many...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Small Dog - Big Attitude

Hugo says he's not sharing the stick with anyone - not Mommy and certainly not Grandma. His Daddy carried this big stick all the way home from the beach because it was so special and Hugo loves it. He made an awfully big mess of the floor, the wall and his sheepskin mat but Grandma didn't even get mad. Maybe Grandma can play with the stick next time! Maybe...

Hugo says... back in the day of the dinosaur...

... when Grandpa was a young pup man a quarter was worth only a penny - a smashed, squished, flattened, elongated souvenir penny from a penny machine.

Grandma still has that penny (and she had to hunt for a long time to find it). Actually it wasn't the one she remembered Grandpa and Sean making in the early 1980's in Miami, but one she made at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The old style penny machines, which are so much fun, have to be hand cranked to flatten the penny and you really feel like you accomplished something when your cool oval shaped souvenir penny tumbles out at the end. The space shuttle shape machine Grandma used was cool - imagine yourself in a space shuttle orbiting the earth, cranking the handle, watching your penny squish - ooooh, you'd feel like Mighty Dog!

Hugo says next time he and Grandma see a penny machine she is going to show him how to make his own souvenir penny!

Hugo says... Do you want that hamburger with or without attitude?

Hugo, Grandpa and Grandma walked around the dyke this afternoon and stopped off at the boat to check on things and pick up a few pirate accessories for the big party tomorrow night.

It was a lovely sunny afternoon, warm in the sun but chilly in the shade. Grandma and Grandpa decided to stop at the clubhouse for lunch and a beer. How cruel is that? Hugo couldnt't have 'people lunch' and he was hungry. (Grandma did suggest he eat his lunch before they went out, but she neglected to tell him WHY.)
To make matters worse, he had to sit off the balcony, tied to the railing, where all the strangers with bags and big sticks were walking by.

Every single one of those strangers stopped to talk and wanted to put their hands in Hugo's face. Duh, couldn't they tell he was not a happy camper? He had to tell each one, in no uncertain terms, to back off and keep out of his space. One mean man had the audacity to touch even after Hugo growled a warning and that was the last straw. Hugo snapped at his hand - uh oh - Hugo knew he'd get in trouble for that.

That got Grandma's attention though, heheheheh... and they quickly walked home where Hugo could curl up on his sheepskin mat and have a rest after filling his tummy.

Gosh life is hard when you're a dog... and people just don't get it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hugo says... Print Me, Print ME!

Hugo says Grandma is always trying to print photos of her favourite subject. Guess who? Yup, you got it pontiac - ME!

She says swears though and I have to cover my ears so I don't learn any bad words. For some reason the black ink runs out way too often. Do you think it's my fault because I'm a black dog? Am I a bad black doggie?

Cartridge Finder might put a smile on Grandma's face. If she found cartidges for her printer, copier and fax easily, online and at a good price, I'll bet she would be much happier when she prints my picture!

Hugo says Grandma found the site to be so user friendly and simple to find exactly the right cartridge for her printer. They have nearly every brand listed and links to the places from which she may order. The prices seem very reasonable. Grandma will be double bubble happy she can sit here to blog and take pics of her favourite subject while her order is shipped right to the house! (Actually, she is the subject - and I am the master - hehhehhehheh - she's learning).

Soon we'll have pictures of me everywhere! Would you like me to autograph a picture and send it to you?

Hugo says... Mmmmm, Chutney Smells Delicious

Hugo, Grandpa and Grandma made Chutney this afternoon and it smells great simmering on the stove!

Actually, Hugo says he didn't really help much - he just begged raisins and apple. The raisins were chewy and the apple was awfully sour so he chewed on his big stick for a while then needed a bit of a nap on Grandpa's lap.

Grandma will let the Chutney sit overnight in the pan, then reheat it and seal it in jars tomorrow. Then it has to age for ages. It's so good on a chicken sandwich or with a pork roast... mmmmmmmmmmmm... it's making my mouth water!

Here it is, simmering. Doesn't it look pretty with all those raisins, dates and apples bubbling in the brown sugar and vinegar? Grandma will share the recipe if you'd like to make it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hugo says...

...YIKES... this roller coaster looks scary!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Amusement Park is a cool place to visit and has some great spooky Halloween treats in store in 'Eerie October'.

Actually, in England, Halloween is commonly called 'All Hallows Eve' and Pleasure Beach in Blackpool is celebrating the whole month with special prices and special shows - all treats with no tricks!

You can have a frighteningly good time as this favourite British theme park is transformed into a spooktacular Halloween themed realm with pumpkins on parade throughout the park and creepy costume characters round every corner.

Hugo says he and Grandma are going to the Terrifying Trauma Towers - sounds like the cat's meow, huh? If it's too scary for Grandma, they'll go to the family rides which aren't scary at all.

Meet you at the bottom of the brand new roller coaster - Infusion at 10 am sharp.

Hugo says...

... Please vote for me at the Blogger's Choice Awards!

Here is my badge:

My site was nominated for Best Animal Blogger!

The 2007 votes have been counted and the winners are going to Las Vegas for a BIG party at a cool nightclub named TAO! Grandma is going too, even though I didn't win... but there's always next year. She says there are some BIG names attending and it's going to be lots of fun.

So, the 2008 voting season has begun - and you can do your civic duty by voting for me! See you next year at the the Awards... I already have on my Tuxedo.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Hugo says...

...Grandma has been looking at modular homes to put on a lot in Arizona, near our friends, and in the SUN. It would be awfully nice to leave this rainy, dreary Fall and Winter behind to see the sun and blue skies every day! Grandma says she really misses the blue skies of Texas.

All the Snowbirds escape to Arizona for the winter months and with our Canadian dollar above par, it makes much sense to buy property in Arizona.

Modular homes have come a LONG way and are very attractive inside and out. The finishing inside is high quality, much higher than Grandma expected! The gourmet kitchen choice, the flooring and the floor plans available are amazing. Some homes have walk in closets and your square footage is determined only by the size of your lot and your wallet!

Modular homes today are energy efficient. Did you know you may save 5 - 15% per year in energy costs by installing and using a programmable thermostat?

Hugo says a modular home sounds like the cat's meow and he is ready to go with Grandma to find the perfect home. That will certainly chase away the winter blahs!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hugo says...

...how's a guy dog, supposed to act cool when he's wearing an orange shirt? Sure, orange is the new pink, but it's girly.

Kaia didn't like the orange shirt Grandma bought for her, so Grandma made me wear it. Everyone giggled and laughed at me and begged me to pose. Uh, uh, nope, no posing unless you give me that treat! I can be bought with treats, you know... ya, okay, the shirt is growing on me!

In my 'pinion the orange color sort of goes with the blood shot, old roue eyes I have going though - perhaps I should cultivate that look, mais non?

Hugo says...

...he's found a perfect gift for everyone on his and Grandma's Christmas list!

Who wouldn't absolutely love to receive one of these Photo Blankets with their favourite poopy dog or family members photo woven into these 100 percent cotton throws? You can even wash them without fading the photo.

Oh, wouldn't a baby blanket be a lovely gift? This is such a great idea for a gift for that 'hard to buy for' person on your list. A personalized throw made in the USA sounds ideal to curl up under to take a dog cat nap. There is a huge selection of backgrounds and innovative ideas to create a treasured heirloom for your friends or family.

Hugo says in his 'pinion, PersonalThrows.com offers one of the nicest gift ideas he's ever seen!

Hugo says...

... my Grandpa just came home from moose hunting and he brought Grandma and I these fabulous photos.

In my 'pinion, this moose looks like my cousin. I'll bet he can run really fast with those long legs. I'd love to go play in the bush with him!

My Auntie Lise took these pictures - she's a good photographer huh? I'm so glad she only shoots the moose with her camera. They're my friends!

Hahahahaaaa... look at that moose's beard - he looks like my Grandpa!

This big boy looks like he's coming right over to see me. I hope he's not hungry...