Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hugo says... Car Guy Garage Guys are FUN

Hugo says his Grandma is at the PostieCon Convention in Las Vegas and listening to a panel of advertisers discussing what they want and expect from Posties when they post an opportunity.

Grandma told me it's an eye opener and great to hear what major advertisers want and look for. The Car Guy Garage guys are on the panel and have the most awesome T-shirts as give aways. The shirts are compressed and enclosed in a 'car' shaped package - CUTE!

Drew and Grandma both caught one - well, actually Drew caught hers too when she fumbled it!

Those Garage Guys are cool for bringing along such unique gifts for the posties!

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blogging said...

really cool stuff. Keep on posting.

Drew said...

How did I miss this post. Nice shot you got of me. Yikes.