Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Where'd My Doogle Go?

When I was a young pup I had one of those Doogle, Goggle, Google things... it was a little bar at the bottom of my page with the number 3 on it.


Grandma said it made me a doggone good dog. But then, I got rankspanked and it went away - poof, it disappeared one night and we couldn't find it anywhere. Grandma still loves me though, cause I am a good dog most of the time, although I do bark a lot and get yelled at all the time. I know Grandma will always love me as long as I don't chew her shoes!

Anyway, nuff bout me huh? Back to the Boggle thingy. We kept on blogging and found we don't need that number anyway to be a real cool dog blog.

Izea RealRank is a new blog ranking system which uses real data to calculate which dogs blogs are getting the most traffic and have the most influence on the web. IZEARanks ranks the top blogs in the blogosphere via actual site statistics, not an extrapolation of estimates, like that Gaggle system. RealRank will tell you where you REALLY rank. It will give you a FrankRank - not some confusing little number from 1 to 10 which may change if someone doesn't think you're being a good dog.

If you'd like to see where your dog blog ranks, overall or in your particular niche, take a look at RealRank.

Hugo says he thinks you'll be RealGlad you did! AND, if you want a RealLaugh, check out the RankSpank Video.

Sponsored by IZEARanks

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hugo Says...

... our friends at IZEA sent us some really cool St. Patrick's Day
gifts in a Postie Pack!

Grandma opened the box to find stickers, candy, green necklaces, bubbles, a ball and a fortune cookie which said 'Irish For a Day'.

Here is a picture of me with some of the St. Swag!

We dressed up and I posed inside.

I posed outside.

We did a head shot, we did a close-up and we did a portrait.

Grandma annoyed me when she blew bubbles at me and I had to
walk away so I didn't say swears at her.

Once I got the green bubble container out of Grandma's hands I showed her how to play with bubbles. I chewed at the nice green plastic bottle until the four leaf clover came off, then I popped off the top.

Grandma videoed me so I acted up a bit to impress everyone! Can you hear her puffing in the background - she couldn't keep up to me... she needs to go for a walk every day with me.

When I got tired of teasing her I drank the bubbles. Ha! Grandma can't blow them at me now... I foamed at the mouth a bit and they tasted yucky, so I didn't want to play that game anymore. My tummy is rumbly and it's nap time after all that exercise.

Doggy Licks 'n Love to all our IZEA friends.

Hugo Says...

... he has important information to share with you about credit cards and fraud protection.

Before you apply online for a credit card research the various types of cards and features available.

You need to know which type of card is right for your lifestyle and your spending requirements. If you intend to transfer a balance be aware there may be fees associated. Factor this in when considering the limit you request. If you carry a monthly balance like so many people do, look for a low interest rate of course.

Security and protection are very important in this quickly changing world with email hoaxes and identity theft schemes. Be sure the company you deal with uses secure encryption methods and does not give out your card number or pin to anyone - even in emails to you, only the last four digits should be visible.

Hugo says, "Knowledge is Power". Please read the fine print before signing!

Hugo Says...

... my Mommy brought home these two beautiful white Swans from Florida!

I got pretty excited when I saw them, and I jumped up so fast Grandma only got this blurry picture of me licking my chops in anticipation of chasing playing with them. I thought they were my new friends and would like to play tag, but they didn't do anything - they ignored me! Grandma says they are a picture and can't play... that's sad.

Here's a better picture of me with my perky ears! Grandma says I'm a picture too but I play, so what's wrong with the swans?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Hugo Says... OYSTERS are yummy!

Hugo loves oysters and has a nose for good food.

When he's at the beach, he wades into the knee deep water and dives his nose into the salty cold water to reach the oysters. He runs up onto the grass and lays in the sun - always keeping one eye on his Grandpa in case he wants a bite too.

Chewing on the sharp, crunchy shell keeps him busy for hours and when he finally cracks it open there's nothing more satisfying than to eat the yummy morsel which was hidden inside.

Hugo says his Grandma and Grandpa always remind him to "Be Oyster Aware". A doggy and his family must know when the oysters are safe to eat and where to pick them so they are not contaminated. Vibrio Vulnificus is a very serious illness associated with eating raw oysters and may be deadly to some people - and dogs.

Gulf oysters may be 'post harvest processed' making them absolutely safe for even 'at-risk' consumers. Be informed, be cautious, be smart and be sure to 'Be Oyster Aware'.

Hugo says enjoy your oysters!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hugo Says...

...it's cool when you get treats and new traffic to your blog!

Here's a new widget which is bringing lots of traffic to this blog today! Arf, arf... thanks Widget Surf - you've sent more than 60 visitors here today.

If you are an Entrecarder or visiting through Widget Surf be sure to drop a bone your card!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hugo Says...

... in his 'pinion Net Audio Ads will soon be the 'Big Dog' in the advertising world!

Have you heard the news about Pay Per Play audio ads? Hugo WILL get paid when you visit his site! No need for clicks - visitors will hear a 5 second audio ad - perhaps for doggy treats - yum, yum.

Hugo says he wants to hear all about treats - they're so yummy and make him drool. He'll share... want to join?