Friday, September 28, 2007

Hugo Says...

Hugo says his Grandma has a really, really nice friend!

Tricia at As the Garden Grows helped when Grandma was so frustrated and ready to give up creating her new blog. Tricia has set up MANY Word Press blogs - ummmmm, at least a DOZEN... So, she's a pro!

Hugo says any friend of Grandma's is a friend of his and can join his doghouse :) Tricia you are a Top Dog!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hugo says...

... watch the video of the seagull shoplifter. He's one smart dogbird to get away with that little trick!

Imagine, patrons of the store actually pay for the chips he steals because they think he's cute.

The seagull in Scotland developed the habit of stealing chips from a neighborhood shop.

The seagull waits until the shopkeeper isn't looking, and then walks into the store and grabs a snack-size bag of cheese Doritos.

Once outside, the bag gets ripped open and shared by other birds.

The seagull's shoplifting started early this month when he first swooped into the store in Aberdeen, Scotland, and helped himself to a bag of chips. Since then, he's become a regular. He always takes the same type of chips.

Click on the photo of the seagull to see the action... it's funny how he speedwalks out of the store with his stolen goods.

Hugo says...

...there are many, many credit cards to choose from at Co-operative Bank and you are sure to find the perfect one to suit your needs.

A credit card which earns money for your chosen organization sounds like a wonderful way to contribute to others. Does 0% interest on purchases sound right for you? You can even transfer balances at 0% for 6 months.

Travel cards with holiday discounts and affinity cards are all available. An affinity card will allow you to give every time you make a purchase - to organizations such as Oxfam, Save the Children or even Greenpeace! Co-operative Banks makes it easy to choose the right card for the right purpose.

Hugo says you are sure to find the exact card to suit you and your lifestyle at

Hugo says...

... he's feeling much better now, thanks to Grandpa and the vet.

Grandpa hasn't been feeding Hugo any people food lately and it is making a difference, just like the vet said. It's like night and day and Hugo is acting like a puppy again. A healthy puppy who wants to run and play all day.

Watch how much he's enjoying his new rubber pirate chicken - and tormenting Grandpa with the noise!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Hugo says...

... Grandma is nearly ready for a new laptop computer. It must be portable so she can use it on the boat, in the house or when she's traveling.

The Dell notebook looks like the 'cat's meow'. The Vostro has up to 4GB of memory - now that should hold a lot of photos and if it runs fast enough Grandma says she'll have more time to go for walks. It's wireless of course, compact and has a huge 17 inch screen.

Dell has a great technical support system to back up their 1 year warranty, and a forum as well for you to get help, ask questions, discuss software or share your business success.

Hugo says a new Dell laptop will be tops on Grandma's Christmas list!

Hugo says...

... tie that spring line right here to the cleat Grandma!

I need to go ashore, not now, but right NOW. Otter bay has a huge parking lot to run a marathon

and it's a very doggy friendly place (as long as I stay off the grass in front of the gift shop). Heehee... Grandpa let me sneak onto the grass for just a minute cause none of the rules ever really apply to us Smith's! Well, that seems fair to me...

Here are our friends Dick and his daughter, Deanna, near the swimming pool (that's for people only too). Grandma and Grandpa hadn't seen Dick for 9 years. Dick came all the way from Australia to visit us and spend a few days on our boat. He says he's coming back every weekend!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Hugo!

Hugo is ONE year old today!

He's a Boston Terrier and came to live with his Mommy and Daddy when he was 8 weeks.

A lovely lady by the name of Darlene from Bossy Bully helped him find his loving home in Beautiful British Columbia.

Hugo has an eye which is 1/4 blue - how cool is that? In his short life time, he's learning lots of tricks. He sits, shakes either paw, lies down, high fives, high tens and stays, for treats and love. Grandpa has been teaching him to fetch the ball and drop it at his feet. Hugo would rather chew on it for a while, but he's slowly learning to share and play nice.

Here's sleepy Hugo at 8 weeks.

Hugo says...

... we're having a pirate party aboard his Grandpa's boat!

Arrrrrggg, it was 'talk like a pirate' day on September 19 so all the big people were being awfully silly. They said they were preparing for the party...

I had my pirate hat on for a while

but much preferred this cool red bandana.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vibrio parahaemolyticus

Oysters are bivalve shellfish which have two hinged shells. Clams, scallops, mussels and cockles belong to the same family.

This is information the Canadian Food Inspection Agency suggested I read when I asked if raw oysters might affect animals (specifically Hugo the Boston Terrier) in the same way as humans if they carried the bacteria, Vibrio parahaemolyticus.

Bacteria and viruses:

Bacteria and viruses from the surrounding water, capable of causing illness, may concentrate in bivalve shellfish. Areas not meeting sanitary standards are closed for the harvesting of shellfish. Consumers should also be aware of the potential for illness due to Vibrio parahaemolyticus (Vp). Vp is a naturally occurring bacterium found in our coastal waters and during the summer months Vp can increase to levels which may cause illness. Infection results in gastroenteritis, typically including diarrhea and abdominal cramps which may last several days.

Hugo had a lot of fun wading in the water at Egmont, digging at pawing at the oysters until he managed to get them into water shallow enough to stick his head into and pick them up with his mouth. He then carried them up the beach, lay in the grass with his paws holding the oyster and he chewed at the edges until the oyster muscle finally gave and the shell opened enough for him to eat the oyster.

It was pretty cute the first time I saw him do it, but Kent and I realized very quickly it was rather dangerous for him to be chewing on the shells - especially since he was obviously swallowing some. We were able to keep him from eating any more, but it wasn't easy!

And what about the oyster meat? Our friend Gus told us about Vibrio parahaemolyticus, a bacteria which may cause illness - in humans. What about dogs? Could it affect them - longterm? Would it cause the same symptoms - or more severe?

Ummmmm... Canadian Food and Safety replied to my email to say - ask your veterinarian. Hmmmm, okay then, I'll do that if Hugo's diarrhea continues once we are home.

Any advice or opinions in the meantime?

Hugo says...

... he loves going for walks around the Golf Course with Grandpa!

There are ducks, geese and little white balls everywhere. It's like poopy dog heaven out on that green grass and Hugo loves to run his marathon while his audience watches.

Grandpa has an awfully big voice though, especially when Hugo tries to pick up one of those little white balls...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hugo says...

Hugo says after running his marathon in the parking lot at Montague Harbour this morning he feels like a brand new poopy dog.

His stomach has been upset for a week causing diarrhea, gas and discomfort. Perhaps the medicine the vet prescribed is helping now as he ate his breakfast this morning, drank lots of water and has played with his rubber pirate chicken.

Hugo says the sun is out and it's a good day to be boating with Grandma and Grandpa!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hugo says...

... he still has a tummy ache...

The vet said he couldn't have people food and he needed a new type of food which would eliminate all his gas. That seems perfectly logical and reasonable, but it hasn't solved the problem of his diarrhea. Why is he having a problem?

The vet also seemed to think he is too thin. To me he looks fit and trim - not stalky and unattractive the way some Boston Terriers seem. Of course he is only 11 months old and shouldn't be fat - yet.

As I was researching the loose stool and it's possible causes, I came across a web site named Welcome Ranch which is filled with Boston Terrier information and gave me a few ideas. Perhaps the change in diet is causing the diarrhea - although he suffered from it before his food change.

Poor little poopy dog - I feel so sorry for him and so helpless...

Rubber "Pirate" Chicken

Hugo is out boating with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days since his Mommy is working long hours all week and he hates to stay home alone. Well, actually it is because Grandma begged for him to come along!

Hugo is a good boating buddy - he's learned to do his business on the back deck - or the bow deck. This morning Grandpa found a nice pile on the bow - right where it's easy to wash off. Good boy... Grandpa is learning dogs and boats do get along.

We visited the town of Ganges this morning, for a walk and a bit of shopping. Grandma bought Hugo a new rubber chicken since his lost it's squeak. This one is dressed as a pirate and has a peg leg - and best of all - nearly indestructible. He's SO cute but is driving Grandpa crazy with the squawker noise - heeheehee!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hugo says...

... he has a tummy ache.

Yesterday Grandma and Grandpa went out for a few hours and left Hugo home all alone. What's a dog to do if he doesn't want to sleep and there is no one to play with?

Grandma always has cool stuff to chew and if she leaves it on the stairs it's fair game, but sometimes it's a bit upsetting. There was this bright colored 'toy' just begging for Hugo's attention - he didn't know it was Grandma's pin cushion!

The vet x-rayed his entire body today to be sure the 2 pins which he'd chewed the heads off were not stuck in his throat or little belly. Thank goodness there was nothing visible except a great deal of gas. Bad Grandma...

Hmmmm... so what is causing the tummy ache and gas? Could it be the people food Grandpa keeps slipping to Hugo? YUP - the vet says he has a hyper sensitive system and he should NOT eat steak, cheese, chicken - or pins...

Bad Grandma...