Thursday, April 17, 2008

Aaaaaatchoooooo.... Hugo is Allergic to the Cat!

Hugo sneezes and snorts, and his eyes water when Mowgley the cat is in the house. Mom says he's allergic to Mowgley, so why does she yell when he chases the cat outside? Hugo's Mom insists they live together and try to get along - and that's like mixing oil and water... Mom does a lot of yelling when Hugo puts the run on Mowgley, but that's okay - it's still fun to make the fat cat scat! Besides, dogs are supposed to chase cats.

Hugo says if he has to suffer with allergies, the cat needs to share the torture - and he's found a great answer. Mowgley is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and runs outside when it comes out of the closet. Not only does it scare away the cat, but it makes the house clean and dust free. Double duty is good! And Hugo doesn't get yelled at.

Here is Hugo's new best friend!


This is just one of the Dyson vacuum cleaners which sells.

It's powerful enough to get all the nasty cat dander off the furniture and out of the carpet. Hugo says it's important to have a strong, reliable vacuum cleaner in your home - especially if you have pets - not only for their health, but yours as well.

Dyson is certified doggy asthma and allergy friendly! Check out their 5 year guarantee on parts and labor. They also have a comparison chart which shows performance and features of each model. They don't list scaring the cat though...

Hugo says everyone should have a doggone good friend like Dyson!

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Adventure on the High Seas

Arrrrrrr... Billy Grandma, it's boating season!

Hugo and Grandpa say it's time to go out on the boat. The canvas enclosure on the bridge is complete, the boat is loaded with enough dog food to last 2 months and the weather is improving. This pirate is sailing off, looking for adventure and treasure!

Arrrrrr... mateys, see ya on the high seas.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hugo Says...

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I'm Busy...

... enjoying the sunshine!

Someone has to do this difficult job of soaking in the heat and relaxing, while others work for a living!

See my friend Mikey? He's working hard at installing the canvas cover for the bridge so we can sit up top and relax - even when it's raining. Lucky someone works around here because my job is to look cool.

Last year I had a nice cushion on the bow but Grandpa seems to have forgotten about my comfort level and hasn't put it out yet for me to sit on. What's the hold up Grandpa? I'm ready for summer time fun in the sun!

Help Hugo Protect the World

It's time for all good dogs to unite
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Hugo needs your help in his quest to protect the world from mankind!

Be informed.
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Walkin' the Dyke

My Grandma and I walked to the marina this afternoon to meet the 'canvas guy' so he could work on the command bridge enclosure.

I was my usual cute self, posing for pictures, but it was boring so I started looking at the beach to see who was around. The happy yellow daffodils were glad to see me!

Grandma said to stand up on the concrete block so I could see over the edge

- and here's what I saw. It's a blue heron, fishing at the rivers edge for his lunch.

There were lots of birds flying overhead too and the geese were squawking. I think they wanted to play golf.

Here's what the 'canvas guy' is working on

This is the command bridge and you can see how it's all open at the front. It was like that all the way around. That meant everything got wet when it rained and we had to keep the seats all covered up, or they'd get dirty and moldy. We don't use the area unless it's sunny and hot - and there's only a month or two of that kind of weather - so Grandma had the brilliant idea of enclosing it - to make another 'room'.

The 'canvas guy', who's real name is Mikey, sewed and zippered a special fabric which attaches to the top 'bimini' and will keep out the wind and rain. You can see on the right hand side where part of it is in place. The 'windows' are made of a special heavy plastic which is clear as glass.

Grandma helped the 'canvas guy' get it zippered together today because it was so windy he was afraid he'd lose something overboard. I watched from the bow deck. After it was in place the 'canvas guy' attached snaps to the edges of the canvas and to the boat to hold it securely, but he had to take it off, and take it home to his scissors and sewing machine to do a few little tweaks here and there to make it fit perfectly! Grandma is a perfectionist you know so she wants it to fit as snugly and neatly as possible.

If it's not raining and windy tomorrow we'll meet him there so he can finish it. I like the 'canvas guy' and he likes me - especially my left eye which is partly blue.

He says I act like a teenager though. Is that good? Do I get a treat, huh? Huh, huh? Is this how cute you wanted me to look, Grandma?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Arrrrr... Where Ya Been Pirate Chicken?

OH, my fried friend, pirate chicken appeared today out of nowhere! Grandma and I were at the boat this morning and he wasn't there, then this afternoon when we went back to the boat again, he came out to play.

I love my pirate chicken. He's my best friend when I'm on the boat with Grandma and Grandpa. I haven't seen him for the longest time and I really missed him.

We had lunch together, but I don't think he enjoyed it quite as much as I! I hope he comes back again when his neck heals.

It's a Great IZEA!

Hugo says he loves making new friends with people from all over the world, especially if they have treats for him. He and Grandma have met lots of friendly people, through IZEA.

One of the easiest ways to meet people is to visit the boards of the IZEA forum.

Brand new message boards are up at IZEA, replacing the old PayPerPost boards. The bright new boards are organized and easy to navigate. Grandma says she can find information on nearly any topic, learn blogging tips, ask for help from smart people or discuss dogs. Now that's a topic close to my heart!

Here's a screenshot of the new boards with my very favourite thread right at the top. You don't have to ask, OF COURSE I WANT COOKIES!!! (You might want to click on the screenshot to make it big enough to read :)

There are so many timely topics, link exchanges, blogrolls, wordpress help, current events and even a special section for Advertisers to discuss their opportunities and to let bloggers know what they are looking for when posting an opp. Do you have a comment or suggestion? Stop by to put it in the 'Drop Box'.

Hugo invites you to join him, Grandma and all the other bloggers and IZEAN's on the IZEA boards. We have lots of fun, while discussing important information and learning new tricks. Please come, be part of our friendly community!

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Smellin' the Posies

Hugo says on his walk today with Grandma he smelled every posy
as they passed the golf course, along the way to the marina - and back. Well, they aren't really posies, but they are very pretty flowers.

Grandma gave Hugo a lesson in flower names, not that he needed or wanted to know, but Grandma's are like that and it annoyed Hugo a bit, so when Grandma stopped to talk to a stranger who had a big dog, he made a nuisance of himself until the other dog established who was the bigger boss. The big dog took offense and held Hugo to the ground until he said 'Uncle' just because Hugo was running in circles and trying to start a game of chase. Poor sport.

The ducks in the river were much more interesting, but they kept coming so close Hugo had to back up - and the swimgrid on the boat is slippery,
so it was best to just peek around the corner at them.

The canvas man came to work on the command bridge of the boat, so Hugo and Grandma hung out waiting for him to finish. It was warm and sunny, and napping was in order while Grandma and the canvas man worked.

Hugo says he has a busy life, smellin' all the posies, watching the ducks and napping.