Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hugo says... Mmmmm, Chutney Smells Delicious

Hugo, Grandpa and Grandma made Chutney this afternoon and it smells great simmering on the stove!

Actually, Hugo says he didn't really help much - he just begged raisins and apple. The raisins were chewy and the apple was awfully sour so he chewed on his big stick for a while then needed a bit of a nap on Grandpa's lap.

Grandma will let the Chutney sit overnight in the pan, then reheat it and seal it in jars tomorrow. Then it has to age for ages. It's so good on a chicken sandwich or with a pork roast... mmmmmmmmmmmm... it's making my mouth water!

Here it is, simmering. Doesn't it look pretty with all those raisins, dates and apples bubbling in the brown sugar and vinegar? Grandma will share the recipe if you'd like to make it!

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