Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hugo says... Print Me, Print ME!

Hugo says Grandma is always trying to print photos of her favourite subject. Guess who? Yup, you got it pontiac - ME!

She says swears though and I have to cover my ears so I don't learn any bad words. For some reason the black ink runs out way too often. Do you think it's my fault because I'm a black dog? Am I a bad black doggie?

Cartridge Finder might put a smile on Grandma's face. If she found cartidges for her printer, copier and fax easily, online and at a good price, I'll bet she would be much happier when she prints my picture!

Hugo says Grandma found the site to be so user friendly and simple to find exactly the right cartridge for her printer. They have nearly every brand listed and links to the places from which she may order. The prices seem very reasonable. Grandma will be double bubble happy she can sit here to blog and take pics of her favourite subject while her order is shipped right to the house! (Actually, she is the subject - and I am the master - hehhehhehheh - she's learning).

Soon we'll have pictures of me everywhere! Would you like me to autograph a picture and send it to you?

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