Friday, June 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Hugo arrived home today from his summer vacation in Egmont with Grandma & Grandpa. His Mom & Dad were super excited to see him and expected him to be just as excited!!!

HA, he was not that excited... the only thing he was really interested in was playing outside & going for long walks. Hugo ran around the house, teased Mowgley the cat for a little bit, but then wanted out to play - like at Egmont.... He can't keep his eyes off the green grass.

Hugo was spoiled of course being in Egmont for a week while his Mom and Dad went to Calgary for a wedding. He is now used to 12 fun filled hours of outside playing & having lots of attention and new friends to play with nearly all day long. The holiday is over though and now he will have to go back to his boring life inside, sleeping and waiting for Mom and Dad to get home from work, then those supervised trips outside...

"Hey Grandma and Grandpa - when can I come back to Egmont for another visit with you?", Hugo says. I love living on the boat and going for rides and eating goose poop and digging up those nice crunchy crabs!

Monday, June 25, 2007

PPP Direct

Hugo says he likes Part One of the Birdo Release and PPP Direct!

What's a Birdo you ask? Read the Birdo press release here. Hugo doesn't know but it sounds like fun and PPP Direct allows Hugo and Grandma to blog for advertisers who like dogs and blogs and want to spread the word about their products and services.

PPP Direct is much different than it's competitors in the way it cuts massive overhead, charges a low markup and allows bloggers to earn and keep most of the money the advertisers pay.

With PPP Direct if an advertiser likes a specific blogger or blog he may contact the blogger via the PPP Direct link on the blog, meet the bloggers required payment amount or counteroffer until a dollar amount is reached, agree on minimum number of words, tone and number of links required then deposit his payment with PPP Direct.

The blogger writes the ad, posts it and as soon as it is approved by the advertiser PPP Direct releases the payment to the blogger. No waiting time - cool! PPP holds the advertisers money like an escrow-type service which assures the blogger is paid for his work.

PPP Direct does not have huge overhead. Competitors such as ReviewMe charge 50 to 100% markup and keep up to half your money. PPP Direct only charges a 10% fee, 5% of which goes to transaction fees for PayPal and credit card processing.

Hugo says he and Grandma hope they get LOTS of PPP Direct offers from advertisers! If you'd like to advertise with Hugo, click this badge. He'll do his doggone best to please you!
PPP Direct

Crabs, Clams and Oysters!

Hugo says he had a great summer vacation at Egmont with Grandpa and Grandma! He went boating, fishing, clam digging, oyster picking, crab collecting, wading and even swimming when he wasn't busy chasing the birds, deer and his new best friends, Fred and Michael.

Fred rides a motorized scooter and chased Hugo around and around in circles until they were both dizzy, then he always had a little treat in his basket to share.

Michael threw the tennis ball further than anyone else for Hugo to fetch and ran with Hugo too. Michael started to teach Hugo how to sit and stay while he threw the ball then gave him the command to fetch. Hugo learned to follow the rules but tired of bringing the ball back and just lay down to chew it.

The crabs, clams, oysters and even barnacles and rocks all tasted salty and yummy to Hugo and he loved wading in the salt water and digging with his paws and nose to pull the treasures out onto the beach. At times he was up to his ears in the water and his little eyes and nose were red and cold.

Hugo spent 12 hours a day outside running and playing then the next 12 hours sleeping! Sleeping right between Grandpa and Grandma on their comfy, warm queen size bed. What a great dog's life!