Monday, October 22, 2007

Hugo says...

...Grandma has been looking at modular homes to put on a lot in Arizona, near our friends, and in the SUN. It would be awfully nice to leave this rainy, dreary Fall and Winter behind to see the sun and blue skies every day! Grandma says she really misses the blue skies of Texas.

All the Snowbirds escape to Arizona for the winter months and with our Canadian dollar above par, it makes much sense to buy property in Arizona.

Modular homes have come a LONG way and are very attractive inside and out. The finishing inside is high quality, much higher than Grandma expected! The gourmet kitchen choice, the flooring and the floor plans available are amazing. Some homes have walk in closets and your square footage is determined only by the size of your lot and your wallet!

Modular homes today are energy efficient. Did you know you may save 5 - 15% per year in energy costs by installing and using a programmable thermostat?

Hugo says a modular home sounds like the cat's meow and he is ready to go with Grandma to find the perfect home. That will certainly chase away the winter blahs!

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