Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The First Snowfall

Hugo and Grandma went out last night to play in the snow. There was 3 inches and it was very wet and slippery. Hugo loved it and chased himself and snowballs until he was exhausted.

This morning he saw the big black snow shovel Grandpa used to clean the entryway and growled and barked at it until Grandma showed him it was a friend. Hugo is very protective of his home and family!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hugo says... it's fun to play with my toys at Grandma's house!

Dontcha love my green flashing chew toy? My humans buy me the coolest stuff. When I pick up this black and green barbell and drop it on the floor, it starts flashing and makes me get all excited. You can see it in my eyes - I'm having fun playing at Grandma's house today!

My Mommy is working tomorrow and the next day and she thought Grandma and I could keep each other company. I like staying with Grandma - she lets me sleep on the bed - and under the covers too when I get cold in the middle of the night. Hehhehhehh... I sure trained her well, didn't I?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hugo says... he misses his Grandma!

Hugo doesn't have many 'pinions these days because he hasn't seen Grandma in 3 weeks!

His Mommy is so mean because she won't allow him to go visit Grandma. Poor Grandma must be so lonely... please mommy, please may I visit Grandma?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hugo Says... STOP! Don't Buy Anything Online...

... until you check for a Coupon. There are so many discount offers available for online shopping you'd be a 'doggone' fool not to take advantage.

Hugo says in his 'pinion NCNatural is the natural place to look for PetMeds Coupons or PETsMART Coupons
before buying anything poopie dog related! You will save money if you check out this easy to use site to locate coupons.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hugo says... Car Guy Garage Guys are FUN

Hugo says his Grandma is at the PostieCon Convention in Las Vegas and listening to a panel of advertisers discussing what they want and expect from Posties when they post an opportunity.

Grandma told me it's an eye opener and great to hear what major advertisers want and look for. The Car Guy Garage guys are on the panel and have the most awesome T-shirts as give aways. The shirts are compressed and enclosed in a 'car' shaped package - CUTE!

Drew and Grandma both caught one - well, actually Drew caught hers too when she fumbled it!

Those Garage Guys are cool for bringing along such unique gifts for the posties!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hugo's Mixer Mystery

Hugo says, "Grandma and I are going to make doggie cookies!" We make them every year - Grandma says it's a tradition! Well, it's only a 1 year old tradition since I am ONLY one year old, but a tradition has to start somewhere.

So, Grandma went to her cupboard this morning to get out the old 1970's hand mixer and the cupboard was bare! She found the pancake griddle, the blender, the corkscrew and the potato masher... but no mixer. Who stole the mixer? Where'd it go? How can we make doggie bone shaped cookies? It's a mystery! Please help me solve the mystery so I can have cookies...

Okay, the last time she saw the mixer was... ummmmm.... in February 2006 when she made a birthday cake for her friend. Then it disappeared. It is nowhere in the house - and I know because I have a good nose to sniff out anything associated with food. Grandma has searched every cupboard and corner of the kitchen.

Wait now, did we take it somewhere? Where could we have taken it? Can you guess? Maybe she had to take it with her when she went somewhere and it was left behind. Come on now, guess where it could be - Hugo will send you a fabulous prize if you figure it out!!! In Hugo's 'pinion Grandma needs a Hamilton Beach® Mixer which is big enough so it won't go missing! She has lots of empty space on her counter and it would look nice sitting there ready to make cookies and cakes and bread. Oh, Hugo says he's hungry!

Grandma puts a picture of a Hamilton Beach® Stand Mixer on her fridge every year just before Christmas hoping Grandpa will buy her one, but it never shows up under the tree. Maybe this year...

So, here's Grandma and I wondering where the old mixer might be. Please help me by watching the video to see if you can pick up any clues as to where it is - and let us know. I'm hungry for cookies and a new Eclectrics® Mixer would be the cat's meow!