Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Puppy Love Quick Tip

Hugo Says, "Accidents do happen and I guarantee your new puppy WILL pee on the floor! Be prepared, and follow this quick tip to help save your carpets and your sanity."

Meeting your new puppy is an exciting time, but is likely to be stressful for you and the pup. Keep in mind the pup most likely has lived with his parent and siblings in an area where he eats, sleeps, plays and 'does his business.' Your job as his new owner is to train him to 'do his business' in an acceptable manner in your home.

One simple but very effective tip to help you both with this transition period is to ask the breeder, a few days ahead of your pickup date, to put a newspaper in the puppy's play area.

By bringing home the newspaper which already has the puppy urine smell, it will make training your pup much easier.

Be sure you have a supply of puppy pads on hand and put one in the area where you and your pup will be spending play time. Put a sheet of the newspaper right on top of the puppy pad and your pup will immediately be attracted to that spot which already smells correct to him. Remember - it must be very close to the play area because when you gotta go, you gotta go!

Your pup will be naturally drawn to the smell of urine on the newspaper & will know where to pee immediately. He will run to that spot if it's close enough. You will have to replace the newspaper but that is simply done by dampening a clean piece of newspaper in your puppy's urine.

Every two or three days, move the placement of the puppy pad further away from your living area towards the door to the outside where he will ultimately 'do his business.'

Praise, treats and consistency in action and words will help your new best friend do his utmost to please you!