Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hugo says... Arrrrggghhh, it be the Pirates!

Hugo says his crazy family dressed up like pirates last night and partied. His Mom and Dad bought him a cool pirate bandana so he could be just like the grown-ups and play his part - as a dastardly dograte! Here's his Mom, Dad and friends Morgan, Trevor and Dave.

And, his beauteous Mommy and Morgan - arrrrrr... they're hot wenches!

Hugo stayed home to cat sit while the pirates raided the local establishment to drink the grog and carouse.

This is Grandpa Pirate with Mommy wench. Can you see Grandpa's red nose - he looks like he had a few too many portions of rum!

Grandma, is that you under that black hair? Oh, MY - Trevor has chest hair and sideburns and a goatee!!! His parrot looks like he imbibed one too many...

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Lina said...

Hugo is too cute - what kind of dog is he? I have a pitbull with similar character named Max - I enjoyed the pics!!

Ferndoggle said...

Hi Hugo!! Wow do your folks know how to have a good time or what??? Looks like a great party.

Stop by & say hello to me & my pack sometimes. Oh, & don't mind Sherman...he's just old & grouchy.


Barry Cox said...

Love the picture of the Boston Terrier. I had one of those growing up named Jiggs. Best dog I ever had. He used to go up the play set in the back yard, jump off the slide, and grab onto a rope and just hang there by his mouth. Haaa

perros said...

Arrr Hugo, looks like you had some fun at the Halloween party. I have always liked female pirates, mostly because they don't try to hide the booty (pun intended). LOL