Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Smellin' the Posies

Hugo says on his walk today with Grandma he smelled every posy
as they passed the golf course, along the way to the marina - and back. Well, they aren't really posies, but they are very pretty flowers.

Grandma gave Hugo a lesson in flower names, not that he needed or wanted to know, but Grandma's are like that and it annoyed Hugo a bit, so when Grandma stopped to talk to a stranger who had a big dog, he made a nuisance of himself until the other dog established who was the bigger boss. The big dog took offense and held Hugo to the ground until he said 'Uncle' just because Hugo was running in circles and trying to start a game of chase. Poor sport.

The ducks in the river were much more interesting, but they kept coming so close Hugo had to back up - and the swimgrid on the boat is slippery,
so it was best to just peek around the corner at them.

The canvas man came to work on the command bridge of the boat, so Hugo and Grandma hung out waiting for him to finish. It was warm and sunny, and napping was in order while Grandma and the canvas man worked.

Hugo says he has a busy life, smellin' all the posies, watching the ducks and napping.

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blueyes said...

Now that is the life for a dog...I gotta move closer to water me thinks or just put a baby pool in the backyard I'm sure something would come entertain them.

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Hey.. Hugo.... Do you want to have some swimming? Just go ahead.