Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hugo Says...

... our friends at IZEA sent us some really cool St. Patrick's Day
gifts in a Postie Pack!

Grandma opened the box to find stickers, candy, green necklaces, bubbles, a ball and a fortune cookie which said 'Irish For a Day'.

Here is a picture of me with some of the St. Swag!

We dressed up and I posed inside.

I posed outside.

We did a head shot, we did a close-up and we did a portrait.

Grandma annoyed me when she blew bubbles at me and I had to
walk away so I didn't say swears at her.

Once I got the green bubble container out of Grandma's hands I showed her how to play with bubbles. I chewed at the nice green plastic bottle until the four leaf clover came off, then I popped off the top.

Grandma videoed me so I acted up a bit to impress everyone! Can you hear her puffing in the background - she couldn't keep up to me... she needs to go for a walk every day with me.

When I got tired of teasing her I drank the bubbles. Ha! Grandma can't blow them at me now... I foamed at the mouth a bit and they tasted yucky, so I didn't want to play that game anymore. My tummy is rumbly and it's nap time after all that exercise.

Doggy Licks 'n Love to all our IZEA friends.

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new zealand tourism said...

You are looking very dapper in your St Pattys stuff! Did you get anything for Easter?

blueyes said...

Now that's stylish!! Shame I can't get my little ones to pose like you.

skip said...

i says..

Apuestas said...

Wow... Hugo.. that looks really really cool.

Carrey said...

Thats really very cool as it has got the reasonable stuff the viewers want. You look elegant in your stuff and got a great deal of collections.