Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hugo Says...

... he has important information to share with you about credit cards and fraud protection.

Before you apply online for a credit card research the various types of cards and features available.

You need to know which type of card is right for your lifestyle and your spending requirements. If you intend to transfer a balance be aware there may be fees associated. Factor this in when considering the limit you request. If you carry a monthly balance like so many people do, look for a low interest rate of course.

Security and protection are very important in this quickly changing world with email hoaxes and identity theft schemes. Be sure the company you deal with uses secure encryption methods and does not give out your card number or pin to anyone - even in emails to you, only the last four digits should be visible.

Hugo says, "Knowledge is Power". Please read the fine print before signing!

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Apuestas Deportivas said...

Thanks Hugo.. I have read the papers so deeply before signing them. Those are really critical.

cricket rules said...

I read this post. This is really very nice and also informatics post. So i hope you will be continued it and it should be help the people. Thanks for sharing this information.

Internet Phone Service said...

Verily right said hugo, most of the online subscriber don't even know that what facilities they are getting from that credit. So research is very important before applying to a credit card online.