Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Friendship and Learning

Hugo is finding a huge world of friends outside his little family's home. This is his very best friend, Mika,who lives right across the street with her Mom and Dad.

Hugo takes his Mom for a walk around the dike every day, which is nearly a mile, and there are always other poopy dogs with their owners. It is a great way to learn to socialize. If they are both off-leash it's nearly always a good 'meet'. Sometimes if they are both on leash, Hugo gets agressive which causes the other (usually bigger) dog to be uncomfortable. Hugo is learning which behaviour is acceptable but he tends to forget at times :)

He's also learning his Mom's 'rules'. She is consistent on every walk. There are times Hugo must be on leash and others where he may run free, but he must stay on the path (he'd get in big trouble if he went chasing off after someone's golf ball...) and he's learning to stop to wait for his Mom when she says, "Wait Hugo".

Hugo knows the path and will soon be taking his Grandma for walks to train her!

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