Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Crate Training Your Pup

Something to consider while house potty training your puppy during the night is crate training.

Hugo hated his crate at first, but now that is where he LOVES to sleep! Of course, he loves to sleep on Grandma and Grandpa's big king size bed too, but when they aren't home, his crate is his comfort zone.

When your dog wakes up in the morning take him outside immediately for a bathroom
break. If he does his business, bring him back in the house and let him sleep or play (outside the crate). If he doesn't do his business while you are outside, put him back in the crate for half an hour, feed him then take him out again for another try.

In the beginning I wouldn't suggest leaving your little pup in the crate all night, without a break. You might have some business to clean up in the morning - Puppies need to pee every few hours. It could lead to further problems if he starts peeing in his crate...we will discuss those next time :)

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