Tuesday, May 8, 2007

No Fault Accidents - Another Potty Training Tip

Accidents will happen when you are paper training your puppy to do his business! Do not blame your puppy, just slow down the process, perhaps even backtrack slightly and be sure to give lots of praise your pup when he does the job correctly.

Once your puppy is reliably doing his business only on the papers you have on the floor for him, you can slowly, gradually move his papers to a location of your choice - such as closer to the door.

Move the papers only an inch a day. If your puppy misses the paper and messes on the floor, you're moving too fast. Go back a few steps and start over. Don't be discouraged if your puppy is making great progress & then pees somewhere off the paper - this is normal. There will always be minor set-backs. If you stick with this procedure, your puppy will be paper trained in no time. Dogs are very smart and they aim to please.

Eventually the paper will be very very close to the door, and your ultimate plan is for the pup to go outside to do his "business". Leave the paper near the door for a few weeks - But remember you are ALWAYS trying to encourage the little one to go outside. The paper is placed near the door in case of an accident...

You WILL be able to remove the paper completely once the pup is accustomed to going to the door, because you will always be right there to let him outside. Remember it is not your puppies fault if he pees on the floor - You must be on top of the situation, encouraging him to go outside - every single time after he eats, drinks, wakes from a nap or plays. Pups need to pee on an average of every hour to two hours.

Consistency, persistance and lots of praise will pay off. Your pup will be happy and cheerful and so will you!

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