Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dog Shampoo

I remember the sweet, new puppy smell of Teddy Bear Hugo. He was the most adorable pup in the world and stole my heart.

Hugo is nearly 4 years old now and my best friend. I would be lost without him, but sometimes I wish he would just GET LOST! He loves to go play on the beach, dig in the mud, rocks and even the salt water to find oysters and clams. He carries them up to the grass, chews until he cracks the shells apart then slurps up the yummy, RAW, 'delicacy'. I prefer mine with no bits of shell, washed with clean fresh water, battered, breaded and fried beyond recognition! But, not Hugo - the smellier, saltier and grosser, the better he likes it.

Does your dog suffer from itching? Does he scratch continually and sometimes stink beyond belief? I have to tell you Hugo does, especially after being in the saltwater and he hates bathtime, making me feel guilty about his suffering. Since bathtime is a daily chore with Hugo when we're at Egmont I worry about his skin getting dry and itchy and hate to use a dog shampoo that doesn't wash out easily. I don't think dogs were meant to be sweet smelling all the time, but since Hugo sleeps with me I don't want that dirty, wet dog smell in my bed!

An all natural dog shampoo 'Dogosuds' ® made by Dinovite, sounds ideal to me to keep Hugo clean, and to keep his skin and coat healthy.

Here are the benefits of 'Dogosuds':

• Makes your dog smell CLEAN and WONDERFUL for a long time.
• Lathers beautifully ... and RINSES EASILY!
• Contains 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils that have natural, healing properties
• Gentle soothing shampoo works well for sensitive skin.
• Contains NO CHEMICALS, NO PERFUMES, NO FILLERS, nothing to irritate or dry your dog's skin!
• Also works great to remove SKUNK odor!

I had to laugh at the thought of the last benefit. We do have skunks around Egmont and I'd hate to have Hugo run into one of those! If Dinovite makes a product to remove the skunky smell of a dog who got on the wrong end of a skunk, it sounds perfect to me.


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Fisher said...

Stopping in to say hi to Hugo and see what he is up to. The clams sound good, but I hope he doesn't swallow any shells.

Ways to make extra money said...

Your dog is the luckiest one.

Sheng said...

Hmmmm...Hugo is such a cute naughty little puppy. Interesting pet.

Ricky said...

Cute puppy!!! Look like you people treat him like your family member, its good and appreciable.

Gun Cabinet said...

Hugo...Hunter and Fossil both love to get dirty as well. I use my combination shampoo and conditioner when I give them a bath. I worry about taking out too much of their natural oils.

Bean Bags said...

Hugo has the cutest eye I have ever come across. My 2 daughters have been at me to get a new dog and when I showed them the pictures of Hugo and what he has been up to they thought it was hilarious.
As Christmas is fast approaching I have a feeling we may be getting a "Hugo" for our house :-)

RickFinney said...

Way to go Hugo! your terrier is so witty and funny. I just find him very spirited. Maybe his owners have also the same attitude as his. Cool! :]

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I think puppy is not a dog he is like your son.Who is lucky you or he?