Friday, October 5, 2007

Hugo says...

... looking at the map of England, Chesterfield appears to be right in the center. Now why wouldn't a chesterfield be in the house?

Aha! It's a place, not a piece of furniture, and we may choose, a chesterfield restaurant in which to eat dinner, from the highly recommended places. A nice family style restaurant, Il Portico, sounds right up our alley. Grandma says she's ordering a pasta dish.

I'm allowed people food as long it's only fresh vegetables or bites of fruit, fresh from the local market, so perhaps I'll be eating at the vegan restaurant, Elliot’s Natural Choice, as they specialize in serving extra sensitive palates.

Chesterfield, Derbyshire is home to the famous landmark ‘crooked spire’ atop The Church of St Mary and All Saints. The church, with it's errant architecture was built a few years after the Black Plague (which claimed the lives of many skilled artisans who may have produced a more professional spire - or was it the devil who knocked it out of shape as he fled in pain, as local folklore claims?).

Hugo says Chesterfield and it's many restaurants sounds to be a charming place to visit - for dinner and a holiday. When are we going Grandma?

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