Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hugo says...

...Grandma needs her own poopy dog to love but she wants to find the right breed and the right temperament - not to mention a doggy which doesn't shed or smell or drool! A little girly dog might be fun to dress up in rhinestones but she has to understand Hugo is the boss and she musn't be yappy or mean to his kitty. Oh, and she has to like boating...

That's a tall order but Hugo says we will find just the right companion with the right traits for Grandma on Just Dog Breeds. There is information on over 150 different dog breeds, ranging from small, cutesy, cuddly lap dogs to high maintenance show dogs.

Before you choose a companion canine you must ask yourself a few very important questions - and some of the questions on this site will make you really stop to think of the pro's and con's of small dogs versus big dogs.

Grandma is going to educate herself before making a final choice and is the perfect place to start. Each breed is listed alphabetically and there are tons of photos. If you see a photo of a dog you like, click on the breed name and the dog is rated - in popularity, shedding, friendliness with children, protection ability, size, ease of training, exercise required, grooming required and even life expectancy. This is a well organized, comprehensive site which is easy to navigate. Now, that certainly makes it easy to choose a compatible companion.

Okay, this is seriously a fun site too - take a look at this big boy Mastiff! He has a face only his mother could possibly love.

Hugo says he and Grandma are going to have fun selecting a new friend at Just Dog Breeds!

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