Friday, June 29, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Hugo arrived home today from his summer vacation in Egmont with Grandma & Grandpa. His Mom & Dad were super excited to see him and expected him to be just as excited!!!

HA, he was not that excited... the only thing he was really interested in was playing outside & going for long walks. Hugo ran around the house, teased Mowgley the cat for a little bit, but then wanted out to play - like at Egmont.... He can't keep his eyes off the green grass.

Hugo was spoiled of course being in Egmont for a week while his Mom and Dad went to Calgary for a wedding. He is now used to 12 fun filled hours of outside playing & having lots of attention and new friends to play with nearly all day long. The holiday is over though and now he will have to go back to his boring life inside, sleeping and waiting for Mom and Dad to get home from work, then those supervised trips outside...

"Hey Grandma and Grandpa - when can I come back to Egmont for another visit with you?", Hugo says. I love living on the boat and going for rides and eating goose poop and digging up those nice crunchy crabs!

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