Monday, June 25, 2007

Crabs, Clams and Oysters!

Hugo says he had a great summer vacation at Egmont with Grandpa and Grandma! He went boating, fishing, clam digging, oyster picking, crab collecting, wading and even swimming when he wasn't busy chasing the birds, deer and his new best friends, Fred and Michael.

Fred rides a motorized scooter and chased Hugo around and around in circles until they were both dizzy, then he always had a little treat in his basket to share.

Michael threw the tennis ball further than anyone else for Hugo to fetch and ran with Hugo too. Michael started to teach Hugo how to sit and stay while he threw the ball then gave him the command to fetch. Hugo learned to follow the rules but tired of bringing the ball back and just lay down to chew it.

The crabs, clams, oysters and even barnacles and rocks all tasted salty and yummy to Hugo and he loved wading in the salt water and digging with his paws and nose to pull the treasures out onto the beach. At times he was up to his ears in the water and his little eyes and nose were red and cold.

Hugo spent 12 hours a day outside running and playing then the next 12 hours sleeping! Sleeping right between Grandpa and Grandma on their comfy, warm queen size bed. What a great dog's life!

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