Thursday, May 3, 2007

My Mom Poisoned Me

Yesterday afternoon Mom was forced to steam clean the carpets as I will NOT wipe my little feet off on the mat before I come into the house. It's a fun game I like to play - but I sure paid for it :(

An hour or so after she finished & I had licked my feet clean, I was green in the face, and sick to my stomach. I knew Grandpa was sitting on the couch and he loves me, so I decided to see what he was doing.

Before I could jump on his lap, IT started to rise and I upchucked all over his pant leg and the floor... Ohhhhh, I thought I would be in BIG trouble. I ran upstairs to see Grandma, trying to get away because I could hear him gagging and calling me names... Grandma is always good for a cuddle and surely she would make me feel better. How wrong could I be?

I knew something wasn't right so I hopped down off the bed and started to go downstairs again, but then I remembered Grandpa so I quickly jumped back up on the bed and headed to Grandma's pillow. Uh oh - it was coming up again - this time it went ALL over grandma's pillow. From the swearing and name calling, I think that might be worse than a leg... I decided the next one better just be left on the carpet for Grandma. I didn't know where else to go. Everyone was mad at me so I just sat on the stairs and looked sad.

It wasn't my fault though, Mom poisoned me with the Bissel steam cleaner product. She cleaned the carpets and I walked all over them when they were wet, then I liked my feet.

So off to the vet we went - I threw up 7 times by the time we got there & once while we were there - I felt great after all that and was ready to go home!

The vet agreed & off we went. Daddy gave me a bath and I made up with Grandma and Grandpa by cuddling a bit and acting cute!

Mom has promised she won't be using the steam cleaner while I'm around...

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