Thursday, May 3, 2007

I Feel Like A Million Bucks

Phewwww, what a bad day yesterday...

Mom & Dad took really good care of me when they realized Mom tried to poison me, even let me sleep in their bed!!! Ha - they're soooooooo easy.

So, I feel a whole lot better today - I helped my grandma out in the garden today pulling weeds, I played with my ball, I even did my daily marathon around the yard :) Grandma loves my help, even when I make more work for her to do... I showed off for the gardening man too by digging a nice big hole in the grass after he mowed it.

Then I found a dead bird in the grass. WOW! Was that ever fun to play with - but you know my Mom, she never wants me to have fun in my own way. She took it away and called me a little b****r - that's begger in case you don't know :)

So, I went to watch Grandpa do some work, he had on big black rubber boots and had a huge ugly yellow friend that growled at me and sprayed water. They were no fun either so I had to nap in the doorway.

Being sick is hard work, but realising how good you feel when you are better is a nice surprise.

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