Friday, May 4, 2007


Hugo says, "Grandma, are those my cousins?"

This momma and baby Manatee were hanging around the Titusville Marina in Florida when we tied up. They came swimming right over to the back of the boat when we had the hose out to fill up with water. It's against the law to give them water from the hose as it makes them more dependant, not to mention a nuisance to boaters. Many of them have scars on their backs where propellors accidently hit. These two both had big barnacles on their backs which made us think they spent a lot of time in the salt water. Mostly they live in fresh water, eating the plant life, migrating toward warmer waters. You can check Wipipedia for lots of details.

We were all fascinated by these gentle creatures. They seem so docile and interested in interacting - especially with the water hose! The baby saw the hose on the dock, lifted it's fin right up to hook the hose and pulled it in the water. It was very cute.

They sort of look like Hugo don't they, with the cute little pug noses and bushy whiskers? They are cousin to the elephant family though - not Hugo!

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Good photos.