Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Meet Mowgley!

Hugo says this is his friend "Mowgley". They play together like cats or like dogs but not like you'd expect a cat and dog to play. Hugo chews on Mowgleys ears and they wrestle and tumble and chase all over the house until one of them calls a time out.

Mowgley found this protective place to sit where Hugo can't easily get to him, but he's still able to extend those long front legs to tease Hugo!

Usually Mowgley is ready to quit before Hugo and has a time out on the back of the couch. If Hugo gets too rough and chews too hard on the ears, Mowgley will sometimes get the claws out - just enough to make Hugo yelp in fright.

Both of them seem to love play fighting and provide the adults with lots of photo ops and laughter which makes them even wilder. Scroll down to see a You Tube video of the wrestling match!

4 Bones to Share:

Ryan said...

It was just a matter of time before Hugo ventured out on his own and started blogging....

Very cute.

Kai said...

Maybe Mowgley would like to come play with Mattie too?

He doesn't mind big paws stepping on his tail, right?


Heather in Beautiful BC said...

HA!!!! He doesn't HAVE a tail - so it'd be perfect :)

Suzi said...

Oh, my heavens. Did I ever think I'd be posting a "ME TOO" comment about a grandpuppy? No, indeed. They have a way of cementing themselves into your life, though, don't they? Mine is Stanley, and he is complicated by my college daugter's on-again, off-again relationship with her sometimes boyfriend, but the fact remains that I *heart* that doggy. I'll be popping back to check in on Hugo.