Monday, January 22, 2007

Hugo says...

Hugo says his new best friend, Indy deserves the 'Top Dog' of the day award.

Just look at the smile on this boy's face and his ears standing straight up. You can tell he wants to be friends with everyone. His Mommy is his best friend, because she gave him a warm, loving home when she found him at the SPCA. He protects her car, her home and of course is always at her side to look out for her.

How lucky can a poopy dog be - he and his family live in Tofino on Vancouver Island and can go hiking, fishing, swimming, beachcombing or just exploring in one of the most beautiful areas of British Columbia.

Hugo says, "Please check out Indy's Mommy's blogs, Out On The Coast, Photojournalist Out On The Coast for fabulous photos and At Your Service a West Coast Concierge Service like no other".

Lots of 'licks n' love' to Indy from Hugo.

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Susan Jones said...

Yah! Hugo, Indy says "thanks much buddy, when you come this way we'll share a bone"
how cute!

Maggie said...

Oscar would like to join in on the fun. His mama saw this when she came over from the coffeeshop and thought it was cute.