Sunday, January 21, 2007

Hugo says KT Cat at 'The Scratching Post' is Top Dog!

Hugo presented KT Cat at The Scratching Post with his "You Are Top Dog" award today.

Hugo had this to say, "KT Cat you went above and beyond the blogosphere to help my Grandma when she was lost - it's easy to get lost in the blogosphere, you know... You are a good human friend, mostly to the cats I like to chase, and you have a hamster named Jacob I'd like to eat, I mean meat,no no no I mean meet.

KT Cat, you do a World of Good for others and you are a true (Feline)Friend.

Please accept this award from your new best friend".

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Susan Jones said...
Hi Heather, that is my baby, Indy!
Indy is a 'special' blend.
I adopted (or rather he adopted me!) fromt he SPCA just a little over two years ago.
Indy is my full-time companion, he goes with me everywhere!
He is an excellent working dog, meaning, he takes car of my house, he takes care of my car, he takes care of me! and of course, he gets sooooo much loving from every single family member.
I hope you agree, Indy deserves to be a HUGO Award winner!

Susan Jones said...
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