Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hugo's Friendship Friday BRATZ Giveaway

Hugo loves Friendship Friday and has an awesome contest to tell you about! Actually Hugo loves every day if there is a bone to chew, a toy to squeak or a prize to give.

Friendship Circles are continuous and to show his love for his loyal friends and readers, Hugo has an awesome BRATZ KIDZ Music Stars giveaway.

1. You may win this adorable prize by signing up at SocialSpark. You must 'claim' your blog and become a member of the TEDHeads crew. If you need help, Hugo says his Grandma will be glad to assist you with the details. Be sure to leave me a comment here when you sign up.

2. Now, if you want to double your chances (you must do step #1 first), tweet out this message on Twitter:

"Enter Hugo's contest to win a BRATZ KIDZ Music Star Pls RT"

This giveaway ends Friday, May 1 2009 at midnight PDT. Hugo will mail this prize anywhere in the US or Canada.

Want to enter more contests or list your own contest to take part in this fun giveaway? Check out the Friendship Friday Contest Carnival for more FUN!

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Anonymous said...

Hugo's Friendship Friday BRATZ Giveaway? really?

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