Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hugo Likes Smart Girls on the Amy Poelher TV Show!

Do you know the answer to this question: If I write you a check for a million dollars on a piece of paper, can you cash it?

Amy Poehler's TV Show on Cozmo TV is all about smart girls who are changing the world by being themselves. The widget is easy to share on all your social media sites and is very inspiring to watch - funny too.

What is your favorite Barbie memory? Hugo's Grandma says her favorite memory is the hand made Barbie clothes her Mom made as a surprise birthday gift - one was a satin wedding gown and Grandma still has it.

Hugo says his Grandma still has her Barbie too, from 1963 and has kept her in very good condition along with all her clothes and accessories. Okay, well maybe the egg flipper or pot holder from the barbecue set is missing... but most of the outfits are complete. She never let her brothers cut Barbie's hair or pull her arm out of the socket - and no one wrote on her in ink! She was pretty smart!

Smart girls do have more fun and Amy Poelher showcases lots of smart girls who do amazing things, have very busy schedules and try to help others! They are very talented girls whether they are involved in singing, dancing or the arts.

Be a 'Smart girl' right now and get your own widget here to embed on My Space, Facebook, your blog and tons more sites - in one simple click!


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mmo said...

I would try to cash it :)

Melaleuca said...

why not I think I can make it cash.