Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hugo, the Cover Dog

Hugo loves boating and regularly accompanies us aboard our 5288 Bayliner during the spring and summer boating season in Beautiful British Columbia.

In June 2008 we left Egmont aboard the Jervis Mist to attend the Bayliner Rendezvous at Roche Harbor in the San Juan Islands, Washington State. Kent likes to run the boat at 9 knots as it makes for a very comfortable ride while being fuel efficient. 9 knots is a comfortable travel speed but made for an eleven hour trip each way.

As we entered the Strait of Georgia after clearing Merry Island the wind was blowing South East 26 knots and the seas were ugly. We were comfortable enough as the Jervis Mist is well equipped to handle that much weather. As long as I'm able to blog and Hugo is able to nap we're happy little boaters - and Captain Kent loves to be at the helm.

Our friends Jack and Roberta were waiting for us in Point Roberts and once we loaded them aboard, we were off, heading for Roche Harbor where the Bayliner Rendezvous Luau was awaiting us. Many dealers were set up with information booths and we enjoyed chatting with them.

Hugo met many doggy friends on the docks and our walks, while we stopped along the way to speak to new boating friends and old. Many of the boats were decked out Hawaiian style and people were always ready to party with a Mai Tai while listening to Don Ho's 'Tiny Bubbles'.

Roche Harbor is an historic town with an interesting past and we enjoyed the retiring of the colors at dusk, accompanied by cannon fire and fireworks.

Dino Publishing was covering the event and the photographer snapped a few cute pics of Hugo, asking me to sign a release in case they chose to use Hugo's photo at a future time.

Today, the Editorial Director of Dino Publishing, Randy Hess, phoned to talk to Hugo, Kent and I, asking questions about our boating lifestyle, our trip to Roche Harbor, how we enjoyed the event and explained he was creating an article for Magalog, the February advertising issue for Bayliner and Maxxum, and that perhaps Hugo would be featured.

Who knows - perhaps Hugo will be a 'Cover Dog'!

Here is an excerpt from Dino Publishing's press release detailing the new Magalog for US Marine, the parent company of Bayliner and Maxxum:

"Readers will learn new ideas on how to boost their boating enjoyment. The magazine section of Bayliner celebrates the family fun and adventure possible through Bayliner ownership, while the catalog section makes it easier for customers to find information about specific models."

Hugo and I love to share our 'family fun' aboard the Jervis Mist!

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Ron Russell said...

Hugo, is a cute terrier. We had one many, many years ago. Like his name, suppose the folks in Charleston, SC would not (Hurricane Hugo) was no friend to them. You have some lovely country up there. Suppose the winters are rough--but sure the spring, summer and fall months make up for that. Never have been to Canada. Use to teach and spent the summer months in a small town south of Acapulco,MX. It was nice there and the fishing was wonderful--caught many a sailfish.

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