Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hugo Says...

... Safety First!

No matter the sport in which you are taking part, you must always be well equipped and prepared for the hazards Mother Nature may send your way. Cat's don't like the water, so this boy probably isn't going kayaking. He looks awfully undignified don't you think?

Now, if I was going kayaking with my Grandpa I'd like one of these sweet helmets.

Dogs do like the water you know and I'd look cool in this racy red helmet. Red is one of my better colors! Next time Grandpa goes kayaking, I'm sitting on the bow to be the lookout in my new kayaking helmet.

This helmet will give me all the coverage my nose and jaw require and it's made with 'super impact' ABS to absorb heavy shocks or impacts. It's lightweight and well ventilated and provides the ability to communicate easily - so Grandpa would certainly hear my warning bark if I saw a hazard.

I'd put the run on anything in our way, with this mean lookin' gear and no one would mess with us! The birds and seals and logs and rocks better look out - in my 'pinion!

Hmmmm... perhaps Grandpa might need to buy a 2 person kayak, so there is room for ME, inside the boat. Sitting on the bow might be dangerous - not to mention uncomfortable. I wonder if the Kayak Shed makes a water dam to fit doggies?

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health watch said...

Hey hugo.. who made the helmet for the cat? that was really a piece of art.