Friday, January 25, 2008


Hugo knows a good thing when he finds it!

Hanky Panky's are THE best, most comfortable panties in the world, with tons of sex appeal. Grandma says and Mommy says - so Hugo says!

In Hugo's 'pinion' these sexy little numbers will really impress the Valentine's in your life. Forget the dumb red satin bustier and sexy uncomfortable g-string... go for the Hanky Panky undies and you will earn your girl's undying loyalty!

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Karen said...

My Boston loves to chew the crotch out of my undies! I am loving your puppy pictures. Elsie was bigger when we got her. I forgot how little they are when they are born. Oh, thanks for making the entre card list. It makes it so much simpler to click on the blogs with Linky.

Stuart - SecludedHabitat said...

*chuckles* each time I come back and venture further back into your previous posts I keep getting more and more laughs.

I really do love it, cute widdle puppy.