Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hugo says...

... I have a 'pinion about . I'll share it with you but you have to throw the ball, just once!

Grandma set up a profile for me on Recruit'n so I can get a job now that I'm a big boy. It only took her two tries to submit the form as she didn't know my name had to be 6 letters or longer. I can't help it my Mommy and Daddy didn't give me a long name but we took care of that little glitch really easily.

So, now all she needs to do is copy and paste my resume into the simple screen which popped up and we're in business. The recruiters will be emailing me in no time with lots of job offers. I like this! I could get a job anywhere in the world - or in my own backyard. I'm a very good greeter and love working in customer service.

OH, MY!!! I submitted my profile just 3 minutes ago and I already have a contact on my page... Well, Grandma and I are going to surf around, view some of the jobs, perhaps post my blog so prospective employers may read more about my history. We could join the forum to see what's hot or even take a poll - whew there are 60 of them so that could keep us entertained for a while!

Hugo says... in my 'pinion, there are lots of jobs available at Recruit'n and it's very easy to sign up and start working!

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