Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hugo says...

... Grandma, ya gotta get in tune with my body language!

Poor little Hugo does his best, but if people feed him the wrong food, someone is going to pay... luckily Grandma doesn't yell or get too mad - she just gives him the eye when he makes a mess on the floor.

Hugo's Mommy planned to leave Hugo with Grandma overnight and forgot to bring his 'new' food but decided he could eat the former 'bad' food for one night. Uh, oh! Big mistake - messy mistake - tummy aching mistake - gaseous mistake - hardwood floor and carpet cleaning mistake.

That bad food attacked Hugo within hours, leaving him with no option but the floor, not once but 5 times during the night while Grandma was sound asleep. No wonder he wanted to sleep during the day yesterday.

But, Grandma wanted to go for a car ride. Hugo normally is a very patient boy but he was nearly dancing on the way home. Now why didn't Grandma get it when he stood on the seat, trembling and looking at her. Stop, stop Grandma - stop the car right now - I have business to take care of...

Phew, luckily the ride home was short - Hugo leaped over Grandma and out the car door, then made a bee-line for the bark mulch.

Next time Grandma, listen to me when I try to tell you something is wrong! AND, don't change my diet - the vet knows what he's talking about - I have a hyper sensitive digestive tract.

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perros said...

What a cute little dog Hugo is. Mine has a sensitive stomach too!

Anonymous said...

I kinda wish he'd pooped in your car too ;) LOL.