Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hugo says...

Hugo says he loves looking at birds! They are so bright and pretty, move very quickly and make cool noises.

You can see a picture of his favorite at the Fabulous Finch. The Lady Gouldian Finch is on the endangered species list in Australia. There are only about 2500 left in the wild. Look how colorful they are with their red heads and purple breasts!

The Fabulous Finch, a US based company, is dedicated to the preservation of this species in the wild through "Save the Gouldian Fund" in Australia. They are proud to be the first US company to contribute to this fund. They breed and offer birds for sale together with food, supplements and merchandise required for the birds' good health. You may read the background, diet and care
and breeding of these lovely birds on a site which is easy to navigate and very specific.

Breeding and caring for the Lady Gouldian Finch is not an easy task and it takes dedication and much care. Information has not been readily available and some sites make it dry and uninteresting. The Fabulous Finch makes caring for and breeding as simple a matter as possible, with easy to understand language and exact specifications.

Many brands of food and care products are available such as Morning Bird and Twin Beaks. There are pellets, medications, grit and breeding supplies and the prices seem reasonable.

The Fabulous Finch is a full line business which offers a very wide selection of products and brands - in stock and ready to ship. If you are looking for Vetafarm Australia pharmaceutical products to treat birds, this may be the answer as they are recognized as a leading innovator in avian health products by aviculturalists and veterinarian.

Hugo says check out the Fabulous Finch - perhaps you'd like to raise and breed Lady Gouldian Finches. Gift certificates are also available.

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