Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where'd the Cute Poopy Dog Go?

In just a few days Hugo will be 7 months old. He's not a little teddy bear

poopy dog any more. He's a teenager!

And... acting like a teenager...

He's chewing everything in sight, dragging the laundry out of the basket, will not listen to my commands and is a begging little b****r. But, worst of all, he doesn't want to sit on my lap and doesn't want to nap with me anymore.

Poor me, it's hard to let go and see them grow up isn't it? I thought we were best friends for life and here he is shunning me. His Mommy says I don't 'play' with him enough. I also don't give him table scraps so he has no use for me.

Grandpa is his favourite. Hugo naps on his lap, follows him everywhere and of course is rewarded with the odd scrap from Grandpa's lunch. Bad Grandpa... but I'm seriously thinking of bribing Hugo too because I'm so jealous!

I guess he will love me again when he gets over this teenage rebellious stage!

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