Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The scoop on the poop!

Are you trying to train your poopy dog to be house friendly?

Hugo says here's the scoop on the poop!

We all want the poopy dog to poop outside, not in the sleeping crate. Now why would he think it's okay to do the Number 2 where he sleeps?

There are many reasons unfortunately and you need to learn doggerell to figure it out.

Dogs need to feel secure. Perhaps his crate is too big - it needs to be just big enough that your dog can stretch out to sleep comfortably.

If he does his number 2 in the crate and there is still plenty of room for him to move to the other side, he will feel all is well. This is not good - you do not want him to be able to get away from it. He will certainly think 'doggerell think' twice about making a mess if he has to lie in it.

Dogs are very smart - it's not part of their nature to poop in their beds.

Work smart, not hard, to train your poopy dog. He will learn quickly if you have the correct tools. Research, research, research...

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