Sunday, May 6, 2007

Hugo Shares Another Tip on Potty Training Your Puppy

One of the most important steps in potty training your puppy is to use a code word or phrase.

Repetition and consistency are key in training your pup. "Do Your Business" is Hugo's code phrase and it works for him because his family works at using it correctly.

Before taking your puppy outside be sure to have a treat in your pocket. You can tell your puppy you have a treat because that is ALWAYS good incentive but don't tease him with it! We go light on the treats and big on the praise. Treats are quite often full of useless calories while praise is full of good vibes.

Use 'your' word or phrase carefully and be very persistent. Say it until your poopy dog does his "Business" and then congratulate him with the words "Good Business" each time. You must tell your dog what it was he 'did good' and why you are so happy with him then hand him a treat, followed by a nice pat on the back. This simple step really works. Hugo was potty trained at 4 months old!!!

After a few weeks your pup will do his "Business" on command and you will be able to convince him to do it ANYWHERE - even on the swim grid of a boat!!!

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