Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Help me Grandma, I'm Drowning

Hugo and his Mom and Dad met us at the Nico Wynd Marina last night as we brought the new Jervis Mist in to dock.

Hugo was awfully excited to see us as we'd been away for 5 days - and of course we were excited to see him too. He was such a good boy, waiting on the dock until we tied up the boat, his little tail wagging in joy and his eyes dancing.

He greeted us with big sloppy kisses once we lifted him aboard and sniffed out the entire boat before running back to me on the swim grid. I reached down to pet him and slow him down a little but his little feet slid on the fibreglass, he lost his balance and went right into the water.

I was on my knees instantly, watching as his little body completely disappeared underwater. In a second I could see his wide-open bug eyes searching for me, his little legs doggy paddling furiously to get his head above water and I reached out, grasped his harness and lifted him back aboard. It might have been a 10 second adventure all told, but the important thing was - Grandma rescued poor little Hugo.

Awww... he loves me again! So much that he slept cuddled up to my back last night - stinky river water and all.

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Karen said...

Oh my goodness! I'm glad he could swim!