Monday, April 30, 2007

The "Cutest Pet" Contest

Please vote for Hugo, as the 'Cutest Pet' on SugarLoot.

Teddy Bear Hugo was only 6 weeks old when he moved into his new home with Mommy, Daddy, Mowgley, Grandpa and Grandma. He was looking very sad the day he arrived and asked for a treat.

How could I refuse that sweet little face? Please vote for him to win 'Cutest Pet' at SugarLoot!

2 Bones to Share:

Drew said...

Hugo reminds me of a dog my great uncle once had years ago. He is so cute. I'll give him a vote.

Kai said...

Mattie says you're a 10/10 Hugo! (So that's what Mom voted :-)

Good luck!