Monday, February 19, 2007


Hugo says... my Grandma wrote this on her blog because she loves me and thinks I'm sooooooooooooooooo adorable. BTW that's an ice cube in my mouth in the third photo. I love ice cubes as much as I love my Mommy's unmentionables!

Crystal and Jim invited Pop, Kent and I downstairs for dinner this evening.

Now they have a nice table and chair set, they will be able to have company over and not have to sit on the couches balancing plates. We were a test run - to see how comfy the chairs are and to test the sturdiness of the table, the seating capacity - you know - all the details a hostess worries about before inviting 'important' people!

Nah, I'm just kidding - really they invited us because we're the best and most important people in their lives :) and they are proud of their home and wanted to share this 'first' big event with us.

So, we were sitting, enjoying our meal and Hugo was being a very good boy. He and Mowgley, the cat chased around a bit but neither of them begged at the table.

I felt Hugo brush my ankle and looked down to see him drop something on the floor between Kent's chair and mine. It was white, lacy and had some very narrow straps so I pointed it out to Kent and told him Hugo brought him a gift. We both burst out giggling and laughing and Crystal of course wanted to know what it was.

"Oh, Hugo, you little b****r, you've been in the laundry room."

Yes, it was her unmentionables!

Good test run - the food was great, the table is plenty big for 6 and will seat 8, the chairs are a nice height and the turntable/lazy susan in the center of the table makes serving very easy.

New table and chairs - $700.00, dinner for 5 - $23.00, Hugo's antics - priceless!

Lesson learned: close the laundry room door before 'important' guests come for dinner.

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Drew said...

So funny.