Wednesday, February 7, 2007

... I'm very happy to introduce my new friend Mattie who deserves the 'Top Dog Award' today.

Hugo says "Whew - I'm glad I wasn't involved in that scrap". Poor little Mattie looks like a head injury patient in jail!

Actually, he's not in jail at all, he's in his crate - his favorite place to be for a nap - and he isn't hurt - the tape holds his ears up straight to train the muscles to hold them so they aren't floppy and silly. A big boy like him needs to look dignified!

Mattie has a wonderful new family home with siblings to play with and a Mommy and Daddy who love him and will teach him all about life in Beautiful British Columbia.

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Anonymous said...

Mattie is just thrilled!

Thanks Hugo!

Bjørn Hallstein said...

I just thought I'd leave a note that I've been here and tell you that I love your blog. Will put it on my list of favorite blogs, no doubt!