Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hugo says "Get a Klu!"

How many clicks does it take to Get a Klu? Just one, right here - and you will see the most adorable bear in the world!

Hugo says he has a new buddy he'd like to present his "Top Dog" Award to:

Stand up please Klu... Klu is not a dog but you don't really have to BE a dog to receive this award - you just have to be a good friend like Klu.

Klu is a blue bear who is just learning the ropes of the blogosphere and loves to share stories of his friends, his family 'bacations', his daily activities and of course, his Big Mummy. Klu wants to be the best blogginest bear and Hugo thinks he's doing a fine job!.

Here's a photo of Klu and Blu after their bath. Hugo likes playing in the bath too but he'd rather chew the towel than wrap up in it - oh well, Hugo says Klu and Blu do look pretty cute in their towels. Their Big Mummy sure looks after them.

Please stop by Klu's blog to read his latest adventures and tell him Hugo sent you.

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Klu said...

Hi, it's me, Klu.

Thank you for writin' a post 'bout me and my blog (Get A Klu). I felt all squiggly on the inside when I read it. I didn't know that gettin' to be such a Famous Bloggin' Bear would make me feel so squiggly on the inside.

Klu the Bear